Joint Strategic Planning Committee

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The Mayor and four elected members from each Council:

Manawatū District Council representatives:
Her Worship the Mayor Helen Worboys and Councillors Steve Bielski, Michael Ford, Grant Hadfield and Phil Marsh.

Palmerston North City Council representatives:
His Worship the Mayor Grant Smith and Councillors Susan Baty, Leonie Hapeta, Aleisha Rutherford and Zulfiqar Butt.

Chairperson: Mayor Helen Worboys

Deputy Chairperson: Mayor Grant Smith


  • To address strategic planning issues that impact on both Manawatū District and Palmerston North City, in particular issues relating to but not restricted to infrastructure, land use planning and economic development.
  • To consider community planning and community outcomes implications. For the purpose of the Joint Committee’s Terms of Reference, “Strategic Planning Issues” mean those that are referred to the Joint Committee by either MDC and/or PNCC, taking an inter-regional perspective.
  • To consider and promote the creation and growth of economic wealth for Manawatū and beyond, with particular reference to the activities of the Central Economic Development Agency Limited.

Delegated Authority

The Joint Committee will have recommending status only, other than the power:

  1. To appoint and discharge subcommittees and working parties as it considers appropriate, and to delegate any of its functions or duties to subcommittees so appointed; and
  2. To make decisions on meeting procedures where such decisions are either required or permitted by Standing Orders or relevant legislation.
  3. In relation to the Central Economic Development Agency Limited (CEDA), the Joint Strategic Planning Committee has the following functions, powers, and duties under the Local Government Act 2002 and/or the Companies Act 1993:
    • To adopt a policy that sets out the process for the identification, appointment and remuneration of directors;
    • To appoint and remove a person or persons to be directors of CEDA;
    • To approve the remuneration to be paid to directors of CEDA;
    • To undertake performance monitoring of CEDA, as per section 65 of the Local Government Act 2002;
    • To agree with the Statement of Intent of CEDA or, if the Joint Committee does not agree, to take all practical steps to require a Statement of Intent to be modified, as per section 65 of the Local Government Act 2002.
    • To receive the half yearly report of CEDA, as shareholder;
    • To receive the Annual Report of CEDA, as shareholder.

Recommendations made by the Joint Committee will be reported immediately to the Councils for adoption. Minutes of meetings of the Joint committee will be reported to the following ordinary meeting of the Joint Committee for confirmation as a correct record.


The quorum of the Joint Committee will comprise six members of the Joint Committee, including at least three elected members (the Mayor and/or other Councillors) from each of the Councils.

Meeting Cycle

Meetings held quarterly, in March, June, September and December on the second Thursday of the month at 1.00pm, with additional meetings convened when necessary.