Community Development Fund Criteria

Those applying for Community Development funding will need to be able to demonstrate that they are either:

  • A not for profit organisation based in the Manawatu District; or
  • A legally incorporated society or charitable trust that is registered with the Charities Commission; or
  • A partnership or not for profit and/or a legally incorporated society or charitable trust for the delivery of services or a project, and that they have the appropriate organisational structure and demonstrated financial ability to deliver on the service or project.

Priority will be given to:

  • Activities that contribute to achieving more than one of the above key outcomes and goals
  • Viability of the proposed service or activity including history of organisation’s capability and capacity of project delivery with demonstrable community benefit clearly evident
  • The management/governance structure of the organisation and its financial requirements are appropriately met relative to the size and complexity of the organisation
  • Legal status of organisation
  • Initiatives that strengthen participation across diverse communities
  • Collaborative approaches operating across more than one organisation which enhances connections with existing and emerging networks and activities eg community, arts, cultures, environmental
  • Initiatives that grow community leadership
  • Compliance with previous reporting requirementsMulti-year funding up to three years from the Community Development Fund can be approved.

What Can and Can’t Be Funded?

The Community Development Fund will fund a wide range of costs integral to service delivery including salaries, training and development, administration and office expenses, insurance and audit, rent and utilities, promotion and materials and small capital items. However, it will not fund:

  • Reducing Debt servicing
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Maintenance of equipment or facilities
  • Public services that are the responsibility of central government
  • Retrospective funding of services or projects

Accountability Requirements

The conditions of receiving funding are:

  • Manawatū District Council must be acknowledged as a partner and funder and be acknowledged as a separate entry within the organisation’s accounts or in the organisation’s annual report.
  • Recipients of Community Development Funding will be required to submit an accountability report to the Manawatū District Council that reports against key result indicators agreed to as part of a Contract of Service. Accountability reports will be required to be submitted at 6-monthly and 12-monthly intervals during the term of the contract.
  • Recipients of Community Development Funding for one off services or projects will be required to submit an accountability report at the completion of the service or project.