Event Fund Criteria

It is preferred that organisations are incorporated societies or trusts, but applications from individuals or commercial organisations will be considered.

The applicant should demonstrate that the event or festival:

  • Contributes to a connected and inclusive district
  • Builds unity and community pride by celebrating the district’s character, diversity and individuality through arts and culture
  • Provides opportunities for innovation
  • Is accessible to Manawatu District residents
  • Is not entirely focused on commercial activity
  • Supports Manawatu District Council’s vision, the Community Development Strategy and the Economic Development Strategy

Priority will be given to:

  • Events and Festivals that demonstrate sustainable practices
  • Level of compliance with health and safety
  • Events and Festivals that contribute to achieving at least one of the above listed goals
  • Viability of the proposed event or festival including history of organisation’s capability and capacity for delivery
  • Strengthen participation across diverse communities
  • A collaborative approach which operates across more than one sector which enhances connections with existing and emerging networks and activities eg community, arts, cultures, environmental
  • Events that grow community leadership
  • Compliance with previous reporting requirements

What Can and Can’t Be Funded?

The Event Fund will fund a wide range of costs integral to holding an event or festival, which includes venue hire or hiring of equipment such as seating, marquee, lighting and sound as well as marketing, and promotion, health and safety, insurance and transport management costs, hospitality costs. However, it will not fund:

  • Events or festivals where the primary purpose is to fundraise
  • Prizes/Trophies
  • Alcohol
  • Retrospective (funding being applied for following an event or festival)

Accountability Requirements

The conditions of receiving funding are:

  • Manawatū District Council must be acknowledged as a partner and funder and be acknowledged as a separate entry within the organisation’s accounts or in the organisation’s annual report.
  • An accountability report to be submitted to the Manawatū District Council within two months following the event or festival. The report to include:
    • Operational debrief including venue, signage, safety and the sustainable practices used
    • Media coverage
    • Approximate number of attendees
    • Actual expenditure and income for event or festival
    • Resources that were used including volunteer and staff time
    • The objectives put forward to support your funding application have been realised
    • If the event or festival has the potential to grow
    • The impact on the community if this event or festival was no longer run or scaled back