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What Have You Done For Us Lately?

Join Ben and Star from Council as they talk to their fellow staff and people in the community about what they’re up to. Broadcast weekly at 9:30am on Manawatū People’s Radio. You can listen to previous episodes here.

The Catchup

Every fortnight, Mayor Helen Worboys appears on The Catchup on Manawatū People’s Radio to chat about what has been happening in Council and the Manawatū District. Click the links below to listen to previous episodes.

21-04-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
Discussing the sad passing of Barbara Cameron, MDC Councillor and a true community champion. We also talk about delays to the opening of the Mangaweka bridge, the consultation on the Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan, the future of local government in light of the various reviews and reforms underway, and an update on Three Waters reform.
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24-03-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
Downgrading of Covid protection framework settings and what that means for council facilities. We also talk about the submissions for the BioPlant pyrolysis facility and Council's support letter. She shares some highlights from the recent quarterly economic report, and indicates the councils intention to be involved in the Poppy Places Trust initiative.
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10-03-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
Discussing the Covid landscape in Manawatū, the Public Places Bylaw amendment that gave Police more authority, the quarterly performance report, and the unfilled Council vacancy. We also talk about the proposed BioPlant Pyrolysis Plant and the continued strained conversation about Three Waters.
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10-02-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
More heavy rain and flooding in the district and the move to the red traffic light setting. We also hear about key projects such as cycleway expansion, the resource recovery centre and the Turners road extension. Also, we hear more on Communities 4 Local Democracy and their presentations to parliament regarding three waters reform.
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27-01-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
The move to red traffic light setting, how it affects council facilities and how well MDC are prepared for the immediate future. We also talk about the new Feilding orbital bus service, and the latest from 'Communities for Local Democracy' as they challenge the governments plans for Three Waters reform.
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13-01-2022 | The Catchup - Mayor Helen Worboys
Topics covered include Three Waters, the Feilding floods, the new resource recovery centre and 2022 being an election year. We also look at the big ticket items for 2022 including the library expansion, building strengthening and various water scheme improvements.
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