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Manawatū Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Centralisation

Council is making further improvements to its wastewater treatment and reducing the amount of treated water discharged to the river with plans to separate trade waste from domestic wastewater and by increasing the amount of wastewater discharged to land. Work is progressing on the constructed wetland which will assist in improving the water quality in the Ōroua River and is due for completion in 2022/23.

The Manawatū Wastewater Centralisation project involves the development of infrastructure to pipe wastewater from the villages of Halcombe, Sanson, Rongotea, Awahuri, Cheltenham and Kimbolton to the Manawatū Wastewater Treatment Plant in Feilding for treatment and disposal. The pipeline between Sanson and Feilding has been completed. In 2022/23, Council will continue with building pump stations on this section and complete theconstruction of the pipeline between
Rongotea and Feilding