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Bylaw Review 2022

Closes: 13 June 2022

What Is a Bylaw?

Bylaws are rules made by Council under the Local Government Act 2002 (the “Act”). They are created for the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public from nuisance
  • Protecting, promoting and maintaining public health and safety; and
  • Minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.

Section 146 of the Act sets out specific bylaw-making powers of Council’s which include making bylaws for the purposes of:

  • Regulating trade wastes; and
  • Managing, regulating against, or protecting from, damage, misuse, or loss or for preventing the use of, the land, structures, or infrastructure associated with wastewater, drainage, and sanitation.

Bylaws Out for Consultation Now

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Proposed Timeline

  • 11 April - 13 June 2022: Public Consultation
  • 7 July 2022: Hearings
  • 4 August: Deliberations
  • 1 September: Adoption of the new Drainage and Trade Waste Bylaws

The review of the Traffic Safety and Road Use Bylaw and Explanatory Bylaw is underway. These draft bylaws are expected to be publicly notified on 14 July 2022.