Draft Plan Change 65

Project Status: Calling for Submissions on Draft Plan Change

Project Summary

Council is proposing changes to the District Plan in order preserve and protect Manawatū’s Natural Features and Landscapes.

Draft Plan Change 65 covers land use and subdivision within Natural Features and Landscapes. The preservation and protection of Natural Features and Landscapes is a matter of national importance under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Where are we at in the project?

In April 2016 Council consulted on draft provisions and identified Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes. Following the feedback received we have:

  • Developed a new Natural Features and Landscapes Chapter,
  • Reviewed and amended the characteristics and values of areas,
  • Reviewed and amended the extent of areas,
  • Identified additional Natural Features and Landscapes, and Significant Amenity Features.

We are inviting feedback on this Draft Plan Change 65 - Natural Features and Landscapes, before proceeding to the formal public notification and consultation process.

This fact sheet (PDF file, 861.1 KB) explains the key changes proposed.

Draft of the Natural Features and Landscapes Chapter is available here (PDF file, 223.9 KB).

Natural Features and Landscapes

Two Natural Landscapes, 12 Natural Features and three Significant Amenity Features have been identified:

ONFL1 - Ruahine Range - PDF file (10.3 MB)

ONFL2 - Manawatu Coastline - PDF file (11.5 MB)

ONFL3 - Rangitikei River - PDF file (12.5 MB)

ONFL4 - Mangamako Gorge - PDF file (11.2 MB)

ONFL5 - Titirangi - PDF file (11.0 MB)

ONFL6 - Dress Circle - PDF file (11.2 MB)

ONFL7 - Mangahuia & Mangoira Stream - PDF file (10.7 MB)

ONFL8 - Makiekie & Limestone Creek - PDF file (11.1 MB)

ONFL9 - Upper Pohangina River - PDF file (10.9 MB)

ONFL10 - Totara Reserve - PDF file (11.0 MB)

ONFL11 - Rangiwahia Reserve - PDF file (11.0 MB)

ONFL12 - Nitschke/Gorton's Bush - PDF file (9.7 MB)

ONFL13 - Manawatu Gorge - PDF file (10.3 MB)

ONFL14 - Pukepuke Lagoon - PDF file (13.2 MB)

SAF1 - Mangoira & Mangahuia Stream - PDF file (10.9 MB)

SAF2 - Upper Oroua River - PDF file (11.8 MB)

SAF3 - Makiekie Creek - PDF file (11.9 MB)

SAF4 - Lake Kaikokopu - PDF file (11.7 MB)

Click here to view the above map full size.

A copy of the Manawatu District Landscape Assessment (PDF file, 19.6 MB) is also available.

What are the draft changes proposed?

A new Natural Features and Landscapes Chapter will be introduced to the District Plan to:

  • Identify Natural Features and Landscapes and their characteristics and values (these will be an appendix to the chapter)
  • Protect, maintain and enhance the characteristics and values of NFLs from inappropriate use and development, including network utilities
  • Identify and enhance Significant Amenity Features (those areas which are more important than the general rural area, but not as significant as NFLs).
  • Managing subdivision to avoid land fragmentation
  • Restoration of Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes and Significant Amenity Features where possible.

This will be achieved by proposing some rules in the District Plan to:

  • Enable small scale activities such as maintaining existing tracks and walkways, planting of indigenous vegetation, removal of weeds and pests, fencing, limited amounts of vegetation clearance, maintenance of existing structures, continuation of stock grazing within the Rangitikei River Natural Feature, and earthworks under 50m3.
  • Require Discretionary Activity consents for most activities in Outstanding Natural Features such as new network utilities, subdivision, construction of buildings, stock grazing.
  • Require Non-Complying Activity consents for activities in Outstanding Natural Landscapes such as new network utilities, subdivision, construction of buildings, new plantation forestry, and earthworks.

Want to tell us your views?

Feedback on Draft Plan Change 65 closed on 4pm Friday 16 August 2019

What happens next?

Once we have received feedback on the draft changes, the Council will prepare a formal Plan Change under the Resource Management Act. This will include an opportunity to submit and a hearing. Council is aiming to notify a Plan Change late in 2019.