Proposed Plan Change H(a): Historic Heritage

Closed: 15 December 2022

The Manawatū District Council is proposing changes to the Manawatū District Plan to review historic heritage within the wider Manawatū District. This review excludes heritage buildings located in the Feilding Town Centre and marae buildings.

What is historic heritage?

Historic Heritage is essentially those key rural and township buildings, houses, objects and memorials, churches and community buildings that reflect aspects of our history. They often are in private ownership.

What changes are being proposed?

Amendments to the District Plan fall under the following two areas:

  1. A review of the list of heritage items that are currently included in the District Plan (Appendix 1E):
    • Each heritage item has been individually assessed against criteria of physical values, historic values and cultural values (as outlined in existing District Plan policy). Copies of each individual report are part of the Section 32 Report and can be viewed at the bottom of this webpage. As a result of the individual assessments, some items are recommended not to be included on the new schedule.
    • New heritage items have been identified using the same criteria mentioned above. As part of the review, consideration of items that are listed on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero and known war memorials has been undertaken.
  2. Changes to the District Plan rules and policy, including:
    • A new heritage schedule 4b that describes why each heritage item is important.
    • Amendments to enable owners to make minor changes to more modern parts of heritage buildings where they are not constructed in the same style, finishes or materials as the original building, including lean-to’s.
    • Amendments to enable solar panels, heat pumps, and infrastructure connections where they are not visible from a road or public space.
    • New rules for the heritage items in Schedule 4b including relocation and external alterations and additions.

These changes aim to provide more certainty and flexibility to heritage owners than what has been provided under the existing District Plan provisions.

Submissions on the proposed changes closed at 4pm on Thursday 15 December 2022.

If you would like to know more, click on the following links:

Fact Sheet - PDF file (476.6 KB)

Public Notice - PDF file (255.3 KB)

Section 32 Report - PDF file (872.6 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 1 | Proposed Chapter - PDF file (509.1 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 2 | Proposed Schedule 4b - PDF file (711.1 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 3 | Recommendations for Schedule 4b - PDF file (468.7 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | C1-19 Churches & Community Buildings - PDF file (12.2 MB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | H1-14 Town Houses - PDF file (4.0 MB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | O1-30 Objects & Memorials - PDF file (28.3 MB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | RB1-8 Rural Buildings - PDF file (9.3 MB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | RH1-17 Rural Houses - PDF file (13.5 MB)

Section 32 - Appendix 4 | Individual Historic Heritage Reports

C1-19 Churches & Community Buildings - Click to view

H1-14 Town Houses - Click to view

O1-30 Objects & Memorials - Click to view

RB1-8 Rural Buildings - Click to view

RH1-17 Rural Houses - Click to view

Further Submissions

Further submissions on Plan Change H(a): Historic Heritage were called from 23 February until 8 March, 2023. Click the link below for details:

Plan Change H(a): Historic Heritage | Further Submissions