Proposed Plan Change H(b): Notable Trees

Closed: 15 December 2022

The Manawatū District Council is proposing changes to the Manawatū District Plan to review the existing notable trees listed in the District Plan. This plan change is limited to a review of the existing notable tree schedule only.

Why are we protecting notable trees?

Trees are increasingly recognised for their intrinsic role in enhancing urban and rural environments. Manawatū’s Notable Trees are those that are recognised and protected for one or more of their botanical, landscape, amenity, historic heritage or cultural values. These trees may be prominent natural features and landmarks, add character and identity to the neighbourhood, be rare species, good specimens or have an association with special sites or events.

What changes are being proposed?

Amendments to the District Plan fall under the following two areas:

  1. A review of the list of notable trees that are currently included in the District Plan: 'Appendix 1D - Trees with Heritage Value'
    • Individual assessments of the Notable Trees listed in Appendix 1D of the District Plan were completed. The assessment used the Standard Tree Evaluation Method (STEM) which assesses trees based on condition (health), amenity (community benefit) and notability (distinction).
    • Only those trees that had a STEM threshold of 130 or higher are recommended for inclusion in the District Plan. Some of the current trees identified are being taken off the list as they have been removed or are not in a condition to meet the definition of a notable tree.
  2. Introduction of a new Notable Trees Chapter which:
    • Provides clear policy guidance for those who have notable trees.
    • New rules which enable owners to undertake essential pruning or remove a notable tree as a permitted activity, subject to standards.
    • A new list of notable trees (Notable Trees Schedule), including why they are important.
    • A new definition for the ‘Root Protection Area’ (where limited activities are allowed).

These changes aim to provide more certainty and flexibility to notable tree owners than what has been provided under the existing District Plan provisions.

Submissions on the proposed changes closed at 4pm on Thursday 15 December 2022.

If you would like to know more, click on the following links:

Fact Sheet - PDF file (266.7 KB)

Public Notice - PDF file (335.2 KB)

Section 32 Report - PDF file (613.6 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 1 | Proposed Chapter - PDF file (344.4 KB)

Section 32 - Appendix 2 | Technical Reports - PDF file (9.0 MB)

Further Submissions

Further submissions on Plan Change H(b): Notable Trees were called from 23 February until 8 March, 2023. Click the link below for details:

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