Plan Change H(b): Notable Trees - Further Submissions

Closed: 8 March 2023

Plan Change H(b) reviews Appendix 1D - Trees with Heritage Value and corresponding District Plan provisions and inserts a new chapter to manage Notable Trees, including an updated notable tree schedule: Notable Trees Schedule. The scope of Plan Change H(b) is narrow and limited to a review of the existing notable tree schedule only, and is not a comprehensive review of all potential notable trees in the Manawatu District.

Further Submissions

A further submission provides the opportunity to submit in support or opposition to the submissions already received, to comment on how a submission may impact you, and to have your views heard alongside the original submission. The scope of a further submission is limited to support of, or opposition to, a submission already received.

The closing date for Further Submissions was 4pm, Wednesday 8 March 2023.

IMPORTANT: Any person making a Further Submission must serve a copy of their Further Submission on the person who made the original submission within five working days of lodging their Further Submission with the Council.

The public notice, further submission form, summary of decisions requested in the original submissions, as well as the original submissions themselves, can be downloaded below:

Public Notice - PDF file (146.5 KB)

Original Submissions | Summary - PDF file (133.8 KB)

Original Submissions | Complete - PDF file (16.4 MB)

The original Plan Change H(b) documents can be found here:

Previous Consultations | Plan Change H(b): Notable Trees

Enquiries regarding making Further Submissions to Plan Change H(b): Notable Trees can be made to Rochelle Waugh, on 06 323 0000 or