Residential, Rural and Village - Draft Plan Changes A & B

Closed: 16 April 2021

What is this about? This is about our District Plan. That's the plan that says what activity and development can happen on land.

The District Plan does this by categorising land into different zones. It then sets standards for subdivision, buildings, activities, noise, etc.

Council is reviewing the Rural, Village and Feilding Residential Sections of our District Plan in 2021. You can find out how to give feedback on the Draft Plan Changes at the bottom of this page.

Check out the portal below to find the draft zones for your property (using the search symbol at the top). You can also give location based feedback using this portal. Please note that the details of your feedback and the location you choose will be publicly visible on the map. However, your personal details will not show.

Keep scrolling past the portal for key document downloads (draft chapters and fact sheets). Click here to open the below portal full size.

Key Document Downloads

Summary Documents:

Feilding Residential Zones Factsheet - PDF file (608.8 KB)

Rural & Settlement Zones Factsheet - PDF file (2.2 MB)

Taonui Aerodrome Zone Factsheet - PDF file (729.3 KB)

Draft District Plan Chapters:

Draft General Residential Zone - PDF file (454.7 KB)

Draft Medium Density Residential Zone - PDF file (390.2 KB)

Draft Future Urban Zone - PDF file (690.6 KB)

Draft Settlement Zone - PDF file (425.0 KB)

Draft General Rural Zone - PDF file (463.9 KB)

Draft Rural Lifestyle Zone - PDF file (313.9 KB)

Draft Taonui Aerodrome Zone - PDF file (731.1 KB)

Draft Definitions - Chapter 2 - PDF file (813.9 KB)

How do I let you know what I think?

The due date for feedback was 4pm, Friday 16th April 2021.