Speed Management Programme 2022

Closed: 1 April 2022

We want to make our District's roads safer! So we need your feedback on some proposed low cost-low risk improvements we're looking to implement that we believe will help reduce accidents. These include:

  1. Permanent Speed Limit changes to Halcombe Township.
  2. Permanent Speed Limit changes to Sanson Township.
  3. Permanent Speed Limit changes to rural roads between Feilding, Halcombe and Sanson.
  4. 30kph Variable speed limit installations for Feilding High School, Feilding Intermediate School and North Street School.
  5. Rural Activated Intersection Warning System (RIAWS), a vehicle operated Variable Speed limit that lowers the limit when traffic is approaching an intersection (No.1 Line Longburn & Karere Rd) from the side road(s).

Your feedback on these proposed improvements will be factored into our processes to ensure that we're making the best decision for all road users in these communities.

Click on the tiles below to find out more about each of the proposed improvements.