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Roadside Grazing and Tethering

Roadside Grazing and Tethering

Spotting animals grazing in fields as we drive by is a familiar part of life in Manawatū.

Previously, there were no measures in place which allowed Council to ensure that any animals grazing in road-side paddocks, or that are tethered to the fenceline didn’t pose any risk to road users.

What are we proposing?

We’re proposing the following to help ensure road side grazing and tethering is safe for vehicle users, and protects the welfare of the animal(s):

  1. A set of conditions that must be complied with for temporary grazing of sheep, steers, heifers or cows within a temporarily fenced area. This includes compliance with Council’s ‘Roadside Grazing Temporary Fencing Standard’.
  2. A set of conditions for roadside tethering of stock (excluding poultry, bulls, pigs, horses or deer) to be permitted.
  3. The ability for an owner of stock to apply in writing and enter into a Licence to Occupy with Council to construct permanent fencing on a road to enable Stock grazing.