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Vehicle Crossings

Vehicle Crossings

Vehicle crossings allow us easy access to our properties by dropping the height of the kerb to allow a car to drive over it without damaging the wheels or underside.

What's the problem?

Many of us probably don’t take much notice of these vehicle crossings, but it’s really important that they are installed and maintained properly. The reason being is that the installation or maintenance of a vehicle crossing must not pose a risk to the integrity of our core infrastructure network (think water, gas, electricity etc) which runs underneath the road surface and connects to each property.

Also, vehicle crossings that aren't maintained can cause safety issues for road and footpath users.

What are we proposing?

To ensure properly constructed and maintained vehicle crossings, we’re including provisions in the bylaw which mean that:

  1. Council consent must be granted for the installation of a vehicle crossing
  2. The maintenance of vehicle crossings is the responsibility of the owner/occupier
  3. Any new installation, or the maintenance of an existing vehicle crossing must be carried out by a Council approved contractor (Council maintains a list of approved contractors for vehicle crossing installation on its website).