Flooding Update - Rangiotu

A potential risk has been identified by Horizons Regional Council that a stop bank of Main Drain could breach tonight.

We are unsure of what time this could happen or if it would happen, but we are advising people to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Water is spilling onto Main Drain Road, but is still passable at this stage.
We have included an evacuation area on our Current Road Status page, which identifies the areas we believe are at risk should the stop bank breach. If you want to evacuate in advance as a precaution, please try to stay with friends or family first. If you don’t have anywhere else to stay, please contact us on 06 323 0000 and our team will be able to assist you.
Please advise your neighbours and others that live in the areas identified on our map at the link below.
If you have any pets, please take them with you if you must evacuate. If you have stock, please move them to higher ground.
Horizons Regional Council is currently trying to alleviate the pressure on the system by operating the Moutoa Spillway at high capacity.
We will endeavour to provide updates on the situation when they come to hand.