Brian and Chris Rosvall

Brian and Chris Rosvall

Citations Speech for Brian and Chris Rosvall

Brian and Chris Rosvall have called Himatangi Beach home for 17 years. In that time, they have fully integrated themselves into the community and achieved many things as part of committed teams. They’re loathed to accept any credit for what has been done, their philosophy when it comes to community is that if everyone does their little bit, then everyone will thrive.

Just some of the things that they have achieved include the setting up of a medical centre, fundraising for the local surf club and the community hall, advocating for better cell phone coverage in the village, improving the picnic area by the store and assisting in seating for the playground.

Every single letter that we received in support of Brian and Chris stated three things, they’re incredibly selfless, they’re incredibly determined to see the job through to the end and they never ask anything of anyone that they’re not prepared to do themselves.

They’re never involved to be recognised, they just do what they do to help people out and make things in the community better for everyone.

Unfortunately Brian and Chris could not be here tonight, but we’d like to pass on our thanks for the service that they have done over the past 17 years. Whilst they may not want the recognition, the community has felt as though it is important that their contribution is acknowledged and they should both very proud of what they have achieved.