LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:24/03/2022
Date Responded:31/03/2022
Requester Name:Tim Chambers
Organisation:Otago University
Requested Information:

​I want to thank you for your assistance on our previous data request for drinking water quality information. We are currently scoping another parallel study on the oral health benefits of fluoridation (see attached).

Please supply the information requested within the document "Investigating fluoride in drinking water" under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA).

This document also outlines the rationale for our research project and makes more detail on our specific requests for the data required to conduct this work.

If you need any more information from me please let me know as soon as possible.

I understand that a decision on a request for information under the LGOIMA should be

made within 20 working days of receiving that request.


Manawatu District Council have six potable water schemes as detailed in Table 1 below. Of these schemes fluoridation occurs at the Feilding treatment plant only. As a result the following only relates to the Feilding potable water scheme (FEI001).

Table 1: Manawatu District Council Fluoridation Summary

Site Treatment Plant Code Scheme Code Size Fluoridation

Almadale TP00162 FEI001 Large Yes, since 2003

Campbell TP02327

Newbury TP02327

Waituna West TP03038 WAI022 Small No

Rongotea TP03215 RON002 Minor No

Sanson TP04040 SAN001 Minor No

Himatangi Beach TP00146 HIM001 Minor No

Site Treatment Plant Code Scheme Code Size Fluoridation

Halcombe- Stanway TTP00385 HAL001 Minor No


1) Fluoridation status: list of the years the water supply has been fluoridated. If no fluoridation has ever occurred at that water supply, indicate no fluoridation and ignore requests 2-5.

Fluoridation commenced at the Feilding site in 2003

2) Interruptions to fluoridation: Identification of any time periods where fluoridation was interrupted for substantial time periods (eg, >3 months) for either technical issues (mechanic problems) or political decisions (cessation of water fluoridation). Please provide a date range


There have been no interruptions to the Fluoridation at the Almadale treatment plant.

3) Fluoridation chemicals: List of the fluoridation chemicals used at each site (e.g. sodium fluoride powder/crystals, sodium silicofluoride/fluosilicate, hydroflufosilicic/fluosilicic acid), the supplier of these chemicals, and example copy of the material safety data sheet for the product. Any records held with respect to any supplied fluoridation chemicals to have exceeded specific impurity limits, as set out in the Water New Zealand Good Practice Guide for supply of fluoride for use in water treatment.

Hydroflufosilicic/fluosilicic acid

4) Fluoride dosing system: Type of feeder used (e.g. gravimetric dry feeder or volumetric dry feeder into a solution box or dissolver, or solution feeder). Type and number of fluoride analysers or metering system used in dosing system.

1 X ABB Fluoride Analyser solution feeder

5) Quantifiable fluoride results: Any quantifiable testing result for fluoride for your water supply. We are only interested in those water supplies that are fluoridated. Preferably data could be provided in a spreadsheet with the MoH compliance codes. We are seeking data as far back as records permit. If your council no longer stores this information, could you please provide permission to us to contact your commercial testing laboratory supplier for any achieved results held by them.

Happy for you to contact CEL for any further information. Spread sheet attached, TP00162 treatment plant.