Our online mapping service uses a GIS (Geographic Information System) to enable you to view information relating the district.

Click here to view our online maps | ArcGIS

Once you have the GIS open, this information can be accessed via the 'Open Map' buttons. You can also switch between maps with the buttons at the bottom. Click on the buttons to look at information relating to:

  • Property
  • Three Waters
  • Operative District Plan
  • Iwi Statutory Areas
  • Road Status

Once you have a map open, you can search by address or valuation number. When you use the search function, more detailed information will appear on the right-hand side. This includes a number of layers that can be turned on or off for your convenience.

The information displayed in the GIS has been taken from Manawatū District Council's databases and maps. It is made available in good faith, however its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed.

If the information is relied on in support of a resource consent, it should be verified independently. Utilities information is schematic only and serves as a guide. The actual position of underground services may differ from what is shown and should be determined from a site inspection.

Rating information is provided under section 27 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 as an online representation of the Rating Information Database. These values are set for rating purposes only. The Manawatu District Council does not provide current market values.

The Rating Information Database is a public register in terms of the Privacy Act. This service is provided by the Manawatū District Council as a public service.

The information provided in this GIS is only a subset of the total information available from the Manawatū District Council and in no way whatsoever can be substituted for a LIM or PIM.