Council Contractors

All contractors or subcontractors carrying out work on behalf of Manawatū District Council must be health and safety pre-qualified with SiteWise before commencing any work, or submitting a tender if the tender process is applicable. Health and safety pre-qualification is also applicable to any service provider who intends to offer its services to Council.

Manawatū District Council uses SiteWise for the pre-qualification process where they rate their contractor’s health and safety systems. SiteWise is a software application developed by Site Safe NZ Inc. It enables contractors to submit their health and safety systems and have them reviewed and assessed independently. The SiteWise database can be accessed by registered principals, allowing them to identify compliance and competence levels prior to selecting a contractor.

To become pre-qualified with Manawatū District Council through SiteWise, please email with the following information:

  • Contractor Name
  • NZBN
  • GST Number
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone number

Once we receive this information, you will receive an invitation from SiteWise to register.

Need help filling out or understanding the pre-qualification form? Feel free to contact Council's Health and Safety Advisor on (06) 323 0000.

Please note, pre-qualification is valid for 1 year from the date of acceptance. By being pre-qualified with Manawatū District Council, you are not automatically entitled to receive work on behalf of Council.

For more information on why Council requires all contractors and service providers to go through a pre-qualification process, see the WorkSafe website and their information on overlapping duties.

Overlapping duties | WorkSafe