Ngā Manu Tāiko Manawatū District Council (Ngā Manu Tāiko)

The Manawatū District is home to a number of marae. In recognition of the important part marae play within the community and in response to a request for this type of presentative group from a tangata whenua Representative Group, Ngā Manu Tāiko (previously known as Marae Consultative Standing Committee) was established in 1998.

The principal purpose of Ngā Manu Tāiko is to liaise between Council and local tangata whenua.

Manu Tāiko is used as the general term for Directional Governance. It focuses on the lead birds in a flock that take the responsibility from the leaders to coordinate and enhance the orientation, communication, and safety of the flock. Not only on the ground while feeding, grooming and frolicking but also in the air to follow a direct route to their goal. During a long distance flight abroad the front manu takes on the actual flying, the others catch the flow from the front participant and glide in its wake using perfect aerodynamics to fly hundreds of kilometres without tiring. Eventually another manu will move forward in rotation, drop down in front to take over the main drive and the directional course, giving the earlier manu a chance to rest.

Ngā Manu Tāiko represents the interests of tangata whenua – the people of the land, as well as those with mana whenua status throughout various locations within the Manawatū District and seeks to be inclusive of all Māori in our community.

A continuing focus for Ngā Manu Tāiko Manawatū District Council is to ensure:

  • that all Māori of the district are represented
  • that all Māori are able to contribute to Council decision making

Membership of Ngā Manu Tāiko comprises one member from the following Marae:

  • Aorangi
  • Te Iwa
  • Poupatate
  • Taumata O Te Rā
  • Te Tikanga
  • Kauwhata
  • Parewahawaha
  • Te Rāngimarie
  • Te Hiiri
  • Kotuku

and the hapū of Ngāti Te Au and Ngāti Tūranga. MDC is represented on Ngā Manu Tāiko by 3 councillors. The Chairperson is appointed by the Committee.

Ngā Manu Tāiko meets on a bi-monthly basis, with items of business reflecting MDC’s current activities and issues identified by committee members. The committee meetings provide a forum for regular communication and is one avenue for tāngata whenua to have input into the MDC’s decision-making processes.