Ten Minutes With

Ten Minutes With is a series we've developed so that you get to know your elected members better. Find out who they are as people, a bit about their background and what matters to them.

Episode 1 - Mayor Helen Worboys

In this first episode of Ten Minutes With, we speak to Mayor Helen Worboys about her background, some of the personal challenges she's faced in recent months, and what her family thinks about her being the Mayor!

Episode 2 - Councillor Bridget Bell

In this epsidoe of 10 Minutes With we meet Bridget Bell, our first Ngā Tapuae o Matangi Māori Ward councillor! We find out why she chose the unique place that we interviewed her at and why it is important to her. What she does for a day job outside of council, and a (not so) secret passion for the theatre!

Episode  3 - Councillor Lara Blackmore

Episode 3 of Ten Minutes With features first-term Councillor Lara Blackmore! Find out about her background in the New Zealand Air Force, and how that's prepared her for being on Council. She also shares with us a couple of her passions, including gardening and music, and why she chose Mt Lees as the location for this interview!

Episode 4 - Grant Hadfield

In this episode of Ten Minutes With, we speak with second-term Councillor Grant Hadfield! Grant has a wide and varied background, and speaks openly about some of the health issues he's had over the years. He's a man widely known in council circles for some of his sayings, so you'll get familiar with some of them in this interview.

Episode 5 - Deputy Mayor, Michael Ford

On this episode, we talk to Deputy Mayor Michael Ford about his self-admitted obsession with Council, and community projects. He takes us on a verbal tour of Manchester Square and why it's an important place to him, and find out why cycling up the Wadestown hill in Wellington is no longer a scary thought for him.