Approved Service Contractors

As of 1 July 2016, only Approved Service Contractors (ASC’s) were permitted to undertake work on Manawatu District Council's pipe network. Originally we limited the number of ASC’s to ensure Council standards were adhered to. As the region has grown, this has put pressure on the existing ASC’s to meet demand.

To ensure demand from customers can be met, Council deem it necessary to amend the current structure to meet demand whilst maintain our strict guidelines.

The revised process for ASC’s starting from 1 September 2020 will be the following:

  1. Interested parties submit an application
  2. H&S policy and records will be reviewed
  3. The Reticulation Team Leader will interview interested parties to determine suitability
  4. Trial period of 3 months followed by a contractor review.
  5. Two year agreement between Council and ASC’s.

To ensure council’s standards are met, contractors will now have the option of selecting the services they are qualified to provide i.e. a single option like water connections only, a combination of services i.e. water and wastewater or providing all three services.

Contractors will need to be able to demonstrate their ability to provide the services they have applied for, before they become an ASC.



  • Applicants must hold the minimum qualifications; or equivalent industry recognised alternatives (as required by the nature of the work undertaken).
  • All staff must have Level 3 National Certificate Water Reticulation (water pipe construction); Level 3 National Certificate Infrastructure Works (excavation and drainlaying); or equivalent industry recognised alternatives (as required by the nature of the work undertaken) eg. registered drain layer.
  • Supervisory staff must have Level 5 National Certificate Infrastructure Works Supervision (or similar)
  • Level 1 Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) contractors must demonstrate competence in the following areas:
  • Relevant experience
  • Plant and equipment proposed to be employed on such works
  • Supervisory staff qualified in all the fields of works
  • Management skills and techniques to be applied to works
  • Applicants must provide evidence of having undergone training in the following:
    • Water main disinfection
    • Pressure testing for pressure pipe


The contractor must hold public liability insurance thereby jointly insuring both the Contractor and MDC for an amount no less than NZD$1 million.

Occupational Health & Safety Management

Contractor must complete their H&S Pre-qualification with MDC before their ASC application will start.

Council Bylaws

The contractor must carry out the work in accordance with the relevant Council Bylaws.

Engineering and Installation Specifications

The contractor must follow the technical standards and design requirements in accordance with to the following sections of the MDC Engineering Standards for Land Development:

  • Wastewater drainage - Section 4
  • Water supply - Section 5
  • Stormwater drainage - Section 6
  • Full drawing list - Section 7

View and download the Engineering Standards for Land Development here (PDF file, 11.6 MB).