Consultation Policies

The Manawatu District Council has not adopted a formal Consultation Policy. The Council carries out consultation according to the Local Government Act 2002. The Act sets out consultation requirements and principles for Council (sections 75-87) to follow when making decisions. Key elements of this are the Special Consultative Procedure and Significance and Engagement Policy.

The Special Consultative Procedure has specific procedures that the Council must follow when making certain types of decisions. The Special Consultative Procedure (mainly sections 83-87 of the Local Government Act 2002) is regarded as a minimum process that the Council must use when making decisions that trigger particular criteria within the Local Government Act 2002 or the Council's Significance and Engagement Policy.

Council's Significance and Engagement Policy outlines the Council's approach to assessing the significance of proposals and decisions relating to issues, assets or other matters. Where an item of significance is identified, Council must follow the procedures under the policy in determining consultation requirements.

The Council can and does conduct consultation outside of these processes. A range of consultation techniques have been used including surveys, focus group meetings, meetings and displays.

View Council's Significance and Engagement Policy (PDF file, 599.6 KB).