Community Development Fund

Please note: Applications for the Community Development Fund have now closed for the reminder of the financial year, as all our funding has been exhausted. Applications will reopen in June 2024.

The Community Development Fund is designed to encourage community leadership of local solutions. This fund supports community and voluntary organisation's whose outcomes directly contribute to the Community Development Strategy’s vision of “Our District offers a high quality of life for all residents” as well as supporting the following outcomes:

  • We are connected and inclusive – our strength is in the diversity of our people and our heritage
  • We are actively engaged – our people are empowered to strengthen and influence their communities
  • We prepare for tomorrow today – our natural, physical and social environment is safe, sustainable and resilient
  • We are lifelong learners – our people gain and share knowledge and understanding as they progress through life

The Community Development Fund will support grassroots initiatives that align well with the above outcomes and can deliver on more than one of the following Community Development Strategy goals:

  • We are a welcoming community
  • Everyone has a sense of belonging and are proud of where they live
  • We value who we are and where we have come from
  • We have creative, cultural and recreational participation in our communities
  • We work together to make our whānau and communities better
  • Tāngata whenua are visible
  • Community success is enabled by quality infrastructure, services and technology
  • Our people and communities feel safe
  • We are guardians (kaitiakitanga) of the natural environment
  • Our people have learning opportunities that enhance their life choices
  • We encourage and enable people to shape their future
  • Our people share their skills and experience with others

Funding Rounds

There will be two funding rounds per year for one off services or projects that link to the fund’s criteria. They close 30 June and 30 November.

There is one funding round every three years for the delivery of priority services from the Community Development Fund closing 30 April.

Check Criteria

Read our Community Development Fund Criteria and funding process for Priority Services (PDF file, 3.2 MB) or Single Service / Projects (PDF file, 3.3 MB).

For information on other funding options, try the Funding Information Service website, Generosity.