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Be in the know, get Antenno!

Our new Antenno app has gone live today.

With the overload of emails, alerts and advertising, it is easy to quickly become exhausted and switched off to the social noise of each day.  Yet in tuning out, we miss the important things we actually do need to know about.

Looking for a solution to engage more effectively with residents throughout the district, Manawatū District Council has launched Antenno: a free, easy to use app that helps to connect residents with council updates - and for residents, the ability to report and inform council of what’s going on in their neighbourhood.

“As we looked at various ways to better reach our residents it was important to find a system that didn’t require a log in, that could be personalised based on what each resident wanted to know about, and a system that allowed our residents to communicate with us quickly and easily,” Rhi Galpin, Engagement and Communications Manager explains.

While the standard communication channels like website, social media, print and radio will still be used, the app is designed for users to pinpoint their location and receive targeted information based on location or specified topic.

Using a standalone app organised with your personal preferences means no more checking for status updates or losing information in newsfeeds.  Antenno doesn’t require a log in or password to remember but it does ask for an address. By pin pointing your home, work or school address, you are ensuring that you receive news and alerts that relevant to you.  With this new app, it’s now easier than ever to let Council know what is going on in your neighbourhood regardless if it’s something that is going well, or needs attention.

Whether you are a long-time resident, a first time homebuyer or renting in the District, Antenno is your tool to be in the know with what you need to know.  Visit your Apple App Store or Google Play store and search ‘Antenno’ to download it today.  It’s free, easy to use and helps you stay connected to what is going on at the places you care most about.

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