Waiora Project presented by Manchester Street School

Sharing their passion and their findings, Manchester Street School has developed an understanding of the science behind water to help preserve this vital resource.

Students from Manchester School who have developed the Waiora Project confidently presented the work they have been focused on and learnings that have resulted.  Embracing an adventure of discovery, the Waiora Project’s mission is to learn about waterways, their protection and responsible water use to help preserve this vital resource.

Utilising outdoor classrooms to measure water clarity, temperature, ph levels and waterflow the group explored various locations in the district including the Makino Pool site, the Almadale Water Treatment Plant and the Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The students spoke passionately about their learnings and conveyed that their next steps are to look at pollution with an overall goal for the project to learn how to work proactively with Council and the public to better our environment and District.

As young learners, the presentation was delivered with confidence, courage and passion and was noted by elected members through their comments.  Special thanks to the teachers involved in supporting the Waiora Project and helping to inspire the students taking part.

The students of the Waiora Project after presenting at Council.