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In Search Of - Rural landowners with lots of space

Are you a rural landowner that wants an area levelled for free? We want to hear from you.

Calling all  Manawatū District rural landowners! Are you a rural landowner that wants a large area levelled out? The Manawatū District Council wants to hear from you!

We are in search of suitable clean-fill sites throughout the Manawatū District which will help to clean up from storm events. This could be something like a gully, a large slope or an undulating area.

Does your land area have capacity for clean-fill on site? The specific site size we are after would need to have enough capacity to hold large amounts of at least 2500m3 of clean-fill.

What do we mean by clean-fill? This includes dirt, gravel, stones and slip material. The Council would remove any foliage, or have a burn-off area within the site (if suitable).

What’s in it for you?

  • Council will organise any necessary consents and environmental controls.
  • Upon the ideal site becoming fill we will clean up the area, with any required levelling and re-grassing all part of the site closure.
  • We are primarily doing this to assist with storm related clean-up work – so you would also be doing your bit to help clean up your district.

If you would like further information and think your land might be the suitable size that you would like levelled you can contact Grant or Charlotte from our roading team by calling us on 06 323 0000.