Representative Fund: Newbury School Diva's Jump Jam Team

Newbury School's 'Newbury Diva's sparkled while sharing their experience as national championships.

Our elected members received a sparkling presentation today by Alexi and Pearl who represented the Newbury School’s ‘Newbury Diva’s’ Jump Jam team.  As the team were a representative grant recipient, Alexi and Pearl shared their experience at the National Jump Jam competition held earlier this year.

An initial Jump Jam routine was designed and choreographed but as part of the competition all teams were required to change their routine prior to competing.  This change keeps teams on their toes by testing the adaptability and confidence with the core jump jam moves.

After competing and patiently waiting for the results, the team was awarded as the national winner and as Alexi shared is a big achievement from "a little country school in the Manawatū".

With the help of a very talented Grandmother from the team, the costumes were created and subsequently funded with the help of the representative grant money received through MDC. The costumes received a 9.6 out of 10 by judges at the competition in addition to the team’s National title.  On behalf of council, congratulations to Newbury School on their National title and presentation today.

Alexi and Pearl representing Newbury School's
Newbury Diva's Jump Jam Team