Manawatū District Council launches Road Naming Register

Manawatū District Council’s Road Naming Register has been designed to give district residents more of a say when it comes to naming new roads as part of developments.

Most road names in recent years have been submitted by developers and so long as the name wasn’t deemed to be offensive, council had to accept what had been provided.

In 2020, council combined the unadopted Road Naming Policy and Property Numbering Policy to create a formal process for the naming of future roads. The aim of the new register is to get residents involved in the process, whilst taking time to consider what names would be appropriate for future use. Suggested names need to meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • Recognises significant features of locality
  • Recognises native flora or fauna
  • Establishes or continues a theme
  • Recognises cultural aspects
  • Recognises a historical event
  • Recognises a person with a historical connection to the area
  • Recognises a well-known New Zealander

Approved names would then be made available to developers that are needing options for new roads being constructed.

One of the already approved names on the Road Naming Register is 'Bramwell', after Joseph and William Bramwell (known as the Bramwell Brothers). They were prominent in the Feilding area in the early 1900s, primarily known as grocers and ironmongers who ran a business along 93-103 Fergusson Street. Both were very heavily community involved within Manawatū as borough councillors and active members of local voluntary organisations.

Manawatū District Council is running two competitions for the launch of the Road Naming Register, one for schools and children, the other for the general public. The winners will have their names selected for two of the newest road names in Feilding, and they’ll also each win a Lego set and vouchers.

Entries for the competition close on Friday 26 May at 5:00pm.

To make a suggestion for the register click here.

To see already approved names on the register click here.