Very High Fire Danger 26 January - 29 January 2024

Very high fire danger for Manawatū-Whanganui for the weekend of 26 January - 29 January 2024

Fire and Emergency NZ are asking people in the Manawatū, Whanganui and Horowhenua not to light any fires this weekend.

All current fire permits issued for the coastal zone are suspended until Monday 29 January because of the increased fire danger, which is the highest we have seen so far this summer.

The message to public is:

  • Do not light fires this weekend
  • Avoid any activities around dry scrub and grass that could cause a spark – like driving a vehicle, mowing or welding. The fire danger is such that a spark could easily start a fire that would spread quickly
  • If you have lit a fire recently you should go back and make sure the burn pile is complete out. Dig it up, pour water over it and check with the back of your hand that there is no heat.

Although some rain is forecast over the weekend it may not be enough to alleviate the fire danger risk.

Head to for more tips on how you can reduce the risk of fire.