More than 30 New Citizens Welcomed to the District

Thirty three of our recently officiated Manawatū based citizens were welcomed and celebrated last Thursday 19 October at our third Citizenship Ceremony for the 2023 year.

Taking the oath or affirmation at the ceremony is the last step in the journey to becoming an official New Zealand citizen, and it’s a heartfelt honour for our district to welcome these new citizens, not only to New Zealand, but specifically to our district as their new home.

Mayor Helen Worboys notes, “The Manawatū Region is a leader in agricultural business, education, health, sciences and is home to a large portion of the New Zealand defence forces through the Ohakea Airforce and Linton Army bases.”

Mayor Worboys says it is not a decision taken lightly for those taking the step to move to New Zealand.

“You will have undergone some serious decision making in the time you have lived here, before choosing to apply for New Zealand residency. You will have made that decision in your own interests and that of your families’ lives, because you have found a country you enjoy living in, which will provide you with secure futures.”

We hold these special ceremonies throughout the year on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs, where our Mayor welcomes newcomers to the district to honour their official citizenship.

Read more about the process for becoming a New Zealand citizen here.

MDC Citizenship Ceremony held on 19 October 2023

Mayor Helen Worboys (pictured left) with some of our recent New Zealand Citizens