Audit & Risk Committee


Chairperson: Councillor Stuart Campbell

Deputy Chairperson: John Fowke

Committee: Her Worship the Mayor Helen Worboys, Councillors Lara Blackmore, Grant Hadfield, Colin McFadzean and Alison Short.


To check and ensure continuity of business, enhance governance framework, risk management practices and the controls used to monitor Council’s achievements.


  1. Analysing the financial reports in line with the Council’s strategic direction and national accounting standards, including the following:
    1. long term planning including the financial strategy;
    2. appropriateness of accounting policies;
    3. annual report; and
    4. internal report (monthly and/or quarterly).
  2. Risk management and the system of internal controls:
    1. setting the Council’s appetite for risk;
    2. understanding the key risk areas including likelihood and consequences;
    3. effectiveness of internal controls; and
    4. fraud risk and procurement risk.
  3. External audit:
    1. relationship with auditor;
    2. understanding scope and engagement;
    3. review significant audit findings /recommendations; and
    4. monitor progress on recommendations.
  4. Internal audit:
    1. appointment and relationship with internal auditor;
    2. scope of work; and
    3. responses to internal audit recommendations.

Delegated Authority

Committee delegated authority to act on all matters within its Terms of Reference (except those excluded by Clause 32(1) Schedule 7, Local Government Act 2002).


Four members of the committee.

Meeting Cycle

Meetings held quarterly, with additional meetings convened when necessary.