Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle remains the responsibility of its last registered owner. The Council will charge the last owner of an abandoned motor vehicle, where they are identified, with the costs of removal and disposal of their abandoned vehicle.

Sections 356 and 356A of the Local Government Act 1974 provides Council the power to remove abandoned vehicles from a road or public place providing certain criteria is met.

Reporting an Abandoned Vehicle

You can contact us to report an abandoned vehicle. To help resolve the problem, please have as much of the following information available as you can:

  • Where is the vehicle located?
  • What is the vehicle's make, model, colour and registration number?
  • How long has the vehicle been there?
  • Do you know Who owns the vehicle?

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

When the Council receives a complaint of an abandoned vehicle, it will be checked and photographed. If identification can be made and the owner located the owner will be contacted, and they will be given a reasonable time to remove the vehicle unless it is:

  • In a dangerous position
  • Likely to be damaged by vandals
  • Obstructing a public way

In these circumstances, or if the vehicle is not removed by the owner in the allotted time, the vehicle will be removed and stored at the owner's cost.

If identification is not able to be made, the car will be disposed of either to the dump or to metal recyclers to recover towage costs.

Reclaiming Vehicles

A vehicle which has been removed as abandoned will not be returned to the owner until such time as the cost of towage and storage has been paid in full to Manawatu District Council.