Draft Development Contributions 2021

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The Manawatū District Council collected submissions on the draft Development and Financial Contributions Policy, draft Development Contributions Rebate Policy, and draft Social and Affordable Rental Housing Residential Unit Rebate Scheme between 12 April and 12 May 2021. The consultation period has now closed.

Please read below to see the information provided during the consultation period.

Draft Development & Financial Contributions Policy 2021

Development Contributions are the funds received from people or organisations when they subdivide or develop property or connect to Council services. The contributions are used to fund capital works that are driven by the need to provide services to our growing communities.

As new development occurs throughout the Manawatū District it places demands on the Council to provide a range of new and upgraded infrastructure.

It is important to ensure that the potentially high costs of providing new assets for development are adequately and sustainably accounted for.

As the cost of growth is driven by development, we consider that it is equitable that a development should meet its share of the resulting costs.

We adopted our first Development Contributions Policy in 2006, and last revised it in 2018. We are now required under legislation to review our existing policy once more and to consult with the communities on any changes we have proposed.

Draft Development Contributions Rebate Policy 2021 and Draft Social & Affordable Rental Housing Residential Unit Rebate Scheme Criteria

Council is also proposing a new Development Contributions Rebate Policy and a Social and Affordable Rental Housing Residential Unit Rebate Scheme to sit alongside the revised Development and Financial Contributions Policy.

To encourage development with community benefits, the Council proposes to adopt a Development Contribution Rebate Policy to set up a framework that will allow Council, at its discretion, to put in place a rebate scheme or schemes for developments to achieve strategic goals that benefit the wider community.

The draft Social and Affordable Rental Housing Residential Unit Rebate Scheme is intended to encourage the development of rental accommodation operated by not-for-profit community housing providers. It is envisioned that this rebate scheme may help low income households and other disadvantaged groups to access appropriate housing.

We invite feedback from anyone who has an interest in these issues before final decisions are made on whether or not Council adopts this draft Rebate Policy and Scheme and what will and will not be included in the final Rebate Policy and Scheme adopted by Council.

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Housing in the Manawatū

From the 24th of April to 10th July 2020, Council talked to you about housing in our District, including what MDC already does to help. Council appreciates all your comments, poll responses, and the attendance we had on our Facebook live sessions.

Below you can view the initial Facebook Live discussion with Councillor Hillary Humphrey and General Manager Brent Limmer, the follow up video, and a more recent update on the progress the Council has made since the initial Facebook Live.