HAIL (Hazardous Activities And Industries List)

What is HAIL? Why should I care?

HAIL stands for Hazardous Activity and Industries List. When you apply for a resource consent we will ask you whether a HAIL activity has or is occurring on the property. The list is a compilation of activities and industries that are considered likely to cause land contamination resulting from hazardous substance use, storage or disposal.

The Ministry for the Environment complied the list, and more information can be located here from the Ministry regarding HAIL.

We are required to know whether any land has had or still has a HAIL activity onsite prior to approving any resource consents that may have an impact the use of the land.

The purpose of identifying HAIL activities is so that measure can be taken to ensure that human health is protected from any potential contaminants left from an activity.

Just because your land is identified as having had a HAIL activity does not mean that it is contaminated. A full investigation into the activity which may include some testing will inform you and us whether there is a contamination issue. The investigation which is undertaken at the cost of the applicant/land owner can include advice on remediation of a site.

We have a register of known properties which have had HAIL activities in the past, but this is not an exhaustive history of land use, and thus we rely on applicants and land owners to tell us as much as they can about a property.