Vehicle Crossings

A vehicle crossing extends from the edge of the road carriageway to the front boundary of a property. It provides the access to your property from the road and normally connects to your driveway.

Who must have a vehicle crossing?

All properties must have a suitable vehicle crossing. If you are constructing a new house or building, you will also need to install a vehicle crossing. The normal process is as follows:

  • fill out an application form to install or alter a vehicle crossing.
  • pay the application fee, click here for our fees and charges.
  • Select an approved contractor from our approved contractor list. They must construct the crossing to the relevant Council specifications.
  • Your chosen contractor will then need to submit a Traffic Management Plan and Corridor Access Request via Submitica.
  • Once the above have all been actioned and approved, your contractor will be advised to go ahead with construction of the vehicle crossing.
  • Vehicle crossings are inspected three times during construction to ensure they are compliant.

I've already got a vehicle crossing but it needs repairing - who is responsible?

If you have an existing crossing, you are responsible to maintain it to a safe standard, if work is required to upgrade, then you will need to follow the above process.