Cemetery Services


Casket Burial

Prior to the family arriving at the cemetery the assigned plot will be dug and dressed ready for the interment of the casket.

The family will be asked in advance by their Funeral Director if they wish to fill in the plot (backfill) themselves. Should they choose this option the funeral director, along with cemetery staff, will guide the family through this process at the appropriate time.

Should a family choose not to backfill, the plot will be reinstated by cemetery staff after the family has left the site. Any flowers left by the family will be placed on the plot and will remain there for seven days.

Ashes Interment

Ashes can be interred in an ashes plot or a burial plot. If ashes are being interred in a burial plot, in most cases the ashes will be placed under the headstone or lawn plaque. Occasionally family may wish to wait until a casket burial takes place within the plot and then place the ashes inside the casket. If the latter applies, we would appreciate notification so that we can update our cemetery records.

Families have the option to be present for an ash burial or a Cemetery staff member can inter the ashes in the absence of the family.

If a family wish to inter the ashes of a loved one, they need to make a booking with the Cemetery Administrator at least 48 hours in advance. On the day, the assigned plot will be prepared (dug) and dressed by cemetery staff prior to the family’s arrival. Alongside the plot will be soil for the family to use to cover the ashes after the interment if they wish.

No staff will attend unless specifically requested by prior arrangement. Following the interment and departure of family the plot and surrounding garden will be reinstated by staff.

If a family wish to have ashes interred, but not attend, they can arrange through a funeral director or with the Cemetery Administrator at the Council. Family may request the date on which the ashes are to be interred on their behalf and cemetery staff will inter the ashes on that date, provided it is not a Sunday or a public holiday.


The last booking time for all burials and ashes interments, Monday to Friday, is 4.00pm during the summer months (day light savings time) and 3:30pm during the winter months.

Any burials outside of these hours will need prior approval from cemetery management and will incur an afterhours fee, including all burials on a Saturday that start after 1pm.

Where possible bookings should be made at least 48hours in advance. Please contact a funeral director or the Manawatu District Council Cemetery Administrator to discuss booking times.

For all burials and ashes interments the Interment Instruction and Warrant (PDF file, 188.7 KB) must be completed and received by the Manawatu District Council Cemeteries administrator at least 24 hours prior to the burial. Please just fill out the first page.

The Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance area is designed to provide the option to inter ashes in a peaceful garden setting and provides for the interment of up to two sets of ashes, which are placed in front of the plaque.

The Garden of Remembrance (Plaque Only)

The Plaque Only option is provided for the memorialisation on a wall, for ashes that have been spread elsewhere.

See the fees and charges page for the current prices.

Dedicated Services Section

Those ex-service personnel who have had overseas war service, or services, or service that is defined as equivalent to war service, and their spouses/partners may be buried in a Services Cemetery.

For any questions regarding eligibility of a veteran or a veteran’s spouse/partner please contact: Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand toll free on 0800 483 8372

The Returned Services ash gardens provide for the interment of ashes of Returned Services persons' and their spouse or partner as a second interment.

The area allows for the memorialisation with an approved Veterans' Affairs plaque only. The plaque can be ordered either through the local Returned Services Association (RSA), a funeral director, or directly with Veteran's Affairs.

Legislation and Bylaw

The Burial and Cremation Act 1964 is the governments overarching legislation in the cemetery space. The Manawatu District Council also has our own Cemetery Bylaw (PDF file, 1.0 MB) which is specific to the management and running of the cemeteries in our district.