Draft Revenue & Financing Policy 2021

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The Manawatū District Council collected submissions on the draft Revenue and Financing Policy between 12 April and 12 May 2021. The consultation period has now closed.

Please read below to see the information provided during the consultation period.

The Revenue and Financing Policy sets out all the potential sources of income available to Council and how it intends to use each of those sources when it comes to capital and operational expenditure. While Council’s draft Revenue and Financing Policy 2021 is largely the same as the 2018 policy, there are a few proposed changes that will result in a more equitable allocation of rates across our ratepayer base.

None of these changes are major. It is more like a policy tune up. Along with some minor changes to clarify the purpose and language in the policy, we are proposing a few small recalibrations.

Proposed recalibrations to the policy:

  • Clarified definitions of public and private funding
  • Adjustment of some funding splits
  • Adjustment of some funding sources.

Check out all of the key documents below!

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