A national multi-use approval (known as MultiProof) enables builders and companies who replicate the same or similar standardised building design to benefit from a streamlined building consent process.

Where a building design is intended to be replicated several times, a builder or company can apply to have the design pre-approved for building code compliance by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This avoids the need for the design to be assessed and re-approved by individual building consent authorities each time it is proposed for a different site.

You’ll still need a building consent each time you want to build a design that has been issued with a MultiProof approval. This is so we can check that the design, with any permitted variations, is the same as the design approved in the MultiProof, that the proposed site meets the conditions of the MultiProof, that any site-specific features of the design, such as foundations, comply with the Building Code and we can establish inspections required. As a BCA only needs to assess the building code compliance of site-specific features excluded from the MultiProof, the statutory timeframe for a MultiProof building consent is 10 working days instead of the usual 20.

For further information please refer to the MBIE website.