High Productivity & 50MAX Permits

High Productivity Motor Vehicle Permits

As of 1 May 2010, the weight and dimension rules for vehicle combinations were amended by NZTA to allow a new class of vehicle called High Productivity Motor Vehicle’s (HPMV’s). Previous to this, the maximum mass limit for a vehicle combination carrying a divisible load without the requirement for a permit was 44 tonnes. HPMV’s are able to go over that limit.

Visit the NZTA website to find out more about or apply for HPMV permits.

We have approved a number of roads for use by HPMV vehicles. Permits for HPMV use on these approved roads are obtained via NZTA. NZTA will issue the permit which will cover both State Highways and local roads.

See our list of restricted bridges.

50MAX Permits

50MAX vehicle combinations have one more axle (9 axles) and can carry up to 50 tonnes. This means the overall truck load is spread further and there is no additional wear on roads per tonne of freight. 50MAX gives operators an option to carry increased payloads on parts of the network that, while economically important to New Zealand, carry lower volumes of freight.

The increased payloads of 50MAX can lead to economic benefits for producers, customers and our communities. Allowing bigger trucks on our roads reduces the number of truck trips needed to move the same amount of freight.

A permit is required to operate a 50MAX truck. While 50MAX vehicles can operate on most roads, there will be certain bridges that they will not be able to travel over due to load restrictions.

Visit the NZTA website to find out more about 50MAX vehicles.

Apply for a new 50MAX permit for State Highways and local roads OR renew an existing permit. NZTA are responsible for issuing 50MAX permits.