New Service Connections

In order to ensure the integrity of these systems all connections must be approved by Council and meet the requirements of the following bylaws:

What Do I Need To Know?

Before connection is permitted the following is required:

  • Availability of services
  • Application for connection
  • Pay the prescribed fees

For water, wastewater, and stormwater connections in areas that are covered by approved contractors the following also applies:

  • Obtain a quote/s from an approved contractor/s
  • Enter agreement with your preferred contractor and pay their quote

Availability of Services

Manawatu District Council has urban water, wastewater and stormwater networks and also has restricted and rural water supplies in selected areas.

Water Connections

Urban water supplies

Any separately used or inhabited part in the urban areas must connect to reticulated water supplies, where it is available. Urban water supplies are currently available in:

  • Feilding
  • Himatangi Beach
  • Rongotea

Restricted or Rural water supplies

Restricted/Rural water is supplied in units. A unit equals 1000L of water over 24 hours. A minimum of three days water storage is required on all Restricted/Rural water connections.

There may be limits on the number of units available on these supplies. Please phone 06 323 0000 to check availability before application.

The following areas are serviced by Restricted or Rural water supplies:

  • Mt Taylor
  • Sanson
  • Stanway Halcombe
  • Waituna West

Private Rural water supplies

There are two private schemes in Manawatu District, please contact the below for availability and connection information:

  • Oroua No 1
    Chairman - John Cousins 06 280 3061
  • Kiwitea Rural water supply
    Kevin Greer at Greer & Wong Accountants 06 356 2214

Commercial and industrial connections

Additional items such as a water flow meter or backflow prevention (RPZ) may be required. A Trade Waste permit may also be required for some businesses and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Wastewater Connections

Urban wastewater networks

Urban wastewater networks are currently available in:

  • Feilding
  • Halcombe
  • Himatangi Beach
  • Rongotea
  • Sanson

All new properties in the urban areas must connect to the wastewater network, where it is available.

Grey water only connections

Grey water only networks are currently available in:

  • Awahuri
  • Cheltenham
  • Kimbolton
  • Mt Taylor

New properties may be required to connect to the grey water network, where it is available.

Stormwater Connections

Connection to stormwater networks are currently available in:

  • Cheltenham
  • Feilding
  • Rongotea
  • Sanson

All new properties in the urban areas must connect to the stormwater network, where it is available.

How To Apply for a Connection

The applicant or their agent must complete the application form, include a location plan of where the connection will be located, and pay the prescribed fees.

Application forms are available at the office or can be downloaded below:

Once received Council will review the application and notify the applicant of the outcome within 10 working days.

For all Stormwater and Wastewater connections, and for Water connections in Feilding and Himatangi:

After the plan has been approved, applicants can obtain quotes from the approved contractors for the connection cost and select and enter an agreement with their preferred approved contractor.

The owner or technical representative will then advise Council of the selected contractor. The connection will be overseen by Council to ensure the integrity of the network is maintained.

What Does It Cost?

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater connection charges can be found in the fees and charges.

Development Contributions

Some properties may be subject to Development Contributions. For more information please see our Development Contributions Policy (PDF file, 1.4 MB).

Need More Help?

Please contact us on 06 323 0000 and talk to a customer services representative for further assistance.