Overhanging Trees / Overgrown Sections

Overhanging Trees

Overhanging trees causing a nuisance on private property are generally a civil matter. The law allows you to trim branches of trees along your boundary line that are growing over into your side of the boundary.

You should first approach your neighbour and try to explain the problem as you see it, as you might be able to reach an amicable solution.

The Local Government Act 1974 allows for control of trees or vegetation that encroach on to or over a public place so as to obstruct access or cause a nuisance. If any tree, shrub or vegetation is growing over or on to any public place in breach of the Act a Council Enforcement Officer, at his discretion, may require such vegetation to be trimmed back to the property boundary. Please contact Council if you wish to report overgrown vegetation on to a public place.

Overgrown Sections

If the grass on your neighbour's property is unkempt and causing an eyesore, the Council cannot intervene unless there is a risk to your health or the environment.

If you believe your neighbour's property is a health risk, please call us on 06 323 0000.

If you believe the long grass is a fire risk then you should report this to Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).