Relocate A Building Or Dwelling

A relocated building means any second-hand building which is transported in whole, or in parts and relocated from its original site to its final destination site, but excludes a pre-fabricated building which is delivered dismantled to a site, for erection on that site.

All relocated buildings in the Residential, Village, Rural, Outer Business and Industrial Zones are permitted without the need for a resource consent when they comply with the following standards:

  1. The building intended for use as a dwelling must have previously been designed, built and used as a dwelling.

    You can check this is the case through reviewing building consent files for the building/dwelling.

    If you are looking to alter a building which has previously been used as for example an older school classrooms or old churches, then you will need a resource consent AND a building consent.

  2. The building must be placed on permanent foundations as soon as practicable, and not later than one month from its arrival on its final destination site.

    If you are wanting to temporarily place a building on a site without being on foundations, then you will need a resource consent.

  3. The Council is notified no later than 48 hours prior to the building being relocated.

    You can advise Council of the intended date of relocation via

  4. The relocated building is not located within the Flood Channel Zone.

    You can establish what zone the land is in via the Council's Online Maps.

    If you are intending to relocate a building within the Flood Channel Zone then please speak with a planner.

  5. Compliance with all standards specified for permitted activities in the relevant zone and other parts of the District Plan.

    You can access all the necessary parts of the district plan via this link.

    Ensure that you review the relevant zoning rules, but also the District Wide Rules. If you require assistance please speak with a planner.

  6. A building pre-inspection report is submitted by the owner of the relocated building at the same time as an application is made for a building consent for the relocated building.

    The building pre-inspection report (PDF file, 985.2 KB) shall be prepared by a license building practitioner; or a building inspection from the local authority where the building is being relocated from.

    At this time Manawatu District Council Building Department does not offer a service to undertake a building inspection report. Please check with other Councils as to whether they offer this service.

    The building pre-inspection report may be submitted with your building consent documentation or may be lodged separately by emailing with details as to your project.

  7. All reinstatement work required by the Condition Table in Section 2.0 of the building pre-inspection report is completed within 12 months of the building being delivered to the destination site.

    A monitoring officer will undertake a site visit after 12 months to determine if all reinstatement works have been completed. There is a fee for this monitoring – please see the Council's Fees and Charges.

  8. The owner must complete the Owner Certificate and Declaration in Section 6.0 of the building pre-inspection report.

  9. The building owner will supply to Council photos showing the reinstatement work 12 months after relocation.

    You can supply those photos to