LGOIMA Request Details

Date Received:12/06/2024
Date Responded:17/06/2024
Requested Information:Request for details about property numbers in areas not covered by reticulated water supply

The information you have requested is included with this letter.  The map indicates rated properties based on LINZ localities and suburbs maps.  

The other information you have requested is below.  

1.         The Address for the Bulk Water filling station is 18 Awa Street, Feilding.  

2.         The process to become an approved water carrier is as follows: 

·                     The operator of the water carrier must apply to Taumata Arowai to become  registered.  This is an online process at the following address:  For water carriers | Taumata Arowai  

Once you have completed your registration and provided proof of registration from Taumata Arowai to Council, we will supply you with the Access Approval application for the Awa Street Water Filling Point.