Environmental Health Fees

Please note: an additional fee will be charged if paying by credit card or paywave. Manawatu District Council does not receive any part of this fee.

Fee Description Fee ($)

Food Act 2014 fees and charges

Application for registration of Food Control Plans based upon a template or model issued by the Ministry of Primary Industries for businesses subject to a National Programme. 266.00
Renewal of registrations 187.00
Amendment to registration 149.00 per hour
Verification (including site visits and compliance checks) 149.00 per hour
Compliance and Monitoring 
Complaint driven investigation resulting in issue of improvement notice by Food Safety Officer 149.00 per hour
Application for review of issue of improvement notice 149.00 per hour
Monitoring of food safety and suitability 149.00 per hour

Renewal fees for premises other than food and registrations under Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966 and bylaws

Camping grounds 292.00
Funeral directors’/ mortuary certificate 233.00
Hairdresser premises 233.00
Mobile trader consent (other than those selling or supplying food) Grading does not apply 163.00
Event food stall inspection and licence 71.00
Offensive trades licence (s54 Health Act 1956) 292.00
Saleyards 292.00

Other fees

Amusement devices inspection (prescribed fee set by Amusement Devices Regulations 1978) 11.50
Applications under Gambling Venue Policy 467.00
Clearing overgrown vegetation (Fire risk – LGA 2002) Actual costs
Clearing overgrown trees abutting public places (LGA 1974) Actual costs
Urban Fire permit No charge
Rubbish / fly tipping removal Actual costs
Removal of abandoned vehicle Actual costs
Street user permit (e.g. buskers, hawkers, appeals, stalls) Registered charity No charge
Street user permit (e.g. buskers, hawkers, appeals, stalls) 15.00
Translator costs for food businesses Actual costs
Water chemical analysis Actual costs
Water Testing - micro-biological (residential) No charge
Issue of duplicate certificate/permit 27.00
Change of ownership for a certificate of registration 81.00
Application to claim seized equipment (RMA 1991, s336) 128.00
Application to claim seized skating device 25.00
Application for camping ground regulations exemption 307.00