Wastewater Fees

Fee Description Fee ($)
Connection fees 
New sewer connection to property boundary plus MDC administration fee As charged by Contractor
MDC administration fee 331.00
Disconnection at sewer main1,518.00
Volumetric Wastewater charges
Base charge per water meter connection - charged per three-month period includes 76m3 of flow use per period 219.00
Wastewater discharge consumption (not covered by Trade Waste charges) is calculated at 80% of the volume of water used, as measured by water meter 1.29
Feilding Trade Waste charges calculated as per Trade Waste Bylaw
Flow per cubic meter (m3) 0.71
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) per kg 0.77
Total Suspended Solid (TSS) per kg 0.47
Additional charges may be levied in accordance with the trade waste consent for trade waste high in other contaminants including ammoniacal nitrogen or phosphorous
Total Phosphorous (TP) charge per kg 28.45
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) per kg 0.25
Tankered Waste for digestion per cubic meter (m3) 58.15
Tankered Waste per cubic meter (m3) 36.21
Trade Waste administration charges
Trade Waste consent application fees (includes first two hours of processing) 251.00
Consent processing fee (cost per hour) 124.00
Annual compliance monitoring 470.00
Compliance monitoring grease traps sampling (per inspection) 94.00
Re-inspection fees (per inspection) 124.00
Annual grease trap monitoring 82.00
Annual monitoring of oil interceptors (or similar devices) 82.00
Annual monitoring of amalgam traps 82.00
Wastewater Capital Contributions - Units of Demand *
Awahuri 12,915.00
Cheltenham 12,915.00
Feilding - where development contributions are not charged 12,915.00
Halcombe 12,915.00
Himatangi Beach 
Himatangi Beach - New dwelling32,259.00
Himatangi Beach - Existing dwelling34,952.00
*typically per dwelling