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Media release: Pre-Election Report now available

Manawatū District Council's Pre-Election Report lays out the challenges that the district will face over the coming years and issues to consider when they cast their votes come Saturday 8 October.

The report is a legislative requirement and has been prepared by Chief Executive Shayne Harris, independently of the Mayor and Councillors.

With local government in for a number of significant changes due to Three Waters and Resource Management Act reforms, as well as the Future of Local Government Review, the report is designed to give potential elected members an overview of council business and issues that may need careful consideration for future elected members.

"This Pre-Election Report tells the story of our council and the challenges and opportunities we face over the next three years. Our communities need passionate, committed individuals to represent them on our council, so I encourage anyone interested in standing for council to have a read and discover more about the role, its responsibilities and what you can gain personally, and professionally from a role as a councillor," says Shayne..

Over 32,000 people live in the Manawatū District, and over half of that amount live in Feilding. A fifth of the population is projected to be over 65 in 2050. However, the district has more school children than ever before and Manawatu District Council’s focus on the upcoming election is to encourage voters to not only think of themselves, but of future generations.

"There’s no doubt that the work and effort of local government is ever-changing, challenging and vitally important for the here and now, and the future generations. Decisions made now will affect how our children, their children, and generations after that experience their local environment," says Shayne.

As well as the potential impacts of reforms and reviews, climate change features prominently in the report. Council recognises that our district is not immune to climate change, with recent flooding events highlighting the importance of mitigating the impacts of increased key weather events and building resilience into our infrastructure networks. Shayne is encouraging people to get out and do some research on who they want to represent them at the council table and then vote in the upcoming elections, if not for themselves, but for the people around them that are unable to.

"Talk to your friends, whānau and neighbours about what’s important to you as a community. Get your tamariki involved; what would they like to see in the Manawatū District in the future? After all, decisions we make now will pave the way for the district they live in years from now," says Shayne.

The pre-Election Report is available from the link below and physical copies can be collected from council's offices on Manchester Street.