New Council Drainage, Trade Waste and Explanatory Bylaws take effect today

Council adopted new Drainage, Trade Waste and Explanatory Bylaws on the 15 of September 2022. These new bylaws take effect from today, Thursday 22 September. The new Bylaws replace the 2015 versions of these bylaws.

The Drainage Bylaw is the main regulatory document that Council uses to manage, regulate and protect the public stormwater and wastewater networks and to ensure private drains are maintained so they don’t cause flooding. The drainage bylaw controls what can go into toilets, sinks and drains, including preventing sediment and other contaminants from private property being washed into stormwater drains.

The Trade Waste Bylaw controls the discharge of trade waste and waste from tankers to protect the public wastewater network and the environment. The bylaw establishes permit requirements for trade wastes and pre-treatment requirements for certain types of premises such as food premises and depots.

The Explanatory Bylaw is an administrative bylaw that assists with interpretation of all Council’s bylaws. It includes common definitions, processes and bylaw powers.

Council also adopted minor changes and corrections to Council’s operative bylaws. These amendments include updates to clause references, capitalisation of words to denote defined terms, the deletion of unnecessary definitions or redundant terms, and de-capitalisation of terms no longer defined in the bylaws.

Council also adopted minor changes to clauses 5.2(f) and 5.2(g) of the Public Places Bylaw 2020. These changes were required as a consequence of changes to the definition of “Animal” to include dogs, and were necessary to maintain the status quo in relation to the management of dogs in public places.

The Local Government Act 2002 allows Council to make minor changes to bylaws, or to correct errors, by resolution if they don’t affect an existing right, duty or status of anyone to whom the bylaw applies. These minor changes are detailed in the resolutions in minutes of the 15 September 2022 Council meeting (Manawatu District Council Agendas & Minutes | Manawatū District Council (

The new bylaws are next scheduled for review in 2027.