Kiwitea Hall

The Kiwitea Hall that stands on the corner of Kimbolton Road and Perry Line was built in 1922. Preceeded by an earlier version that held meetings, dances and even a patriotic concert for the Returned Soldiers’ Fund, the hall has continued to be a place where the rural community can come together.

From the early days the connection between the hall and the school, a stone’s throw away, has been strong. School dances and concerts have been on the local calendar from as early as 1909 with programmes made up of singing, recitations and items from the children. The event always ended with dancing and the school has held on to this tradition with an annual folk dancing night where children take great delight in dragging up reluctant parents to join in.

An annual flower and produce show was a highlight which was reported in the Manawatu Times as having attracted “more than ordinary interest” and a fancy dress dance party in 1928 saw the hall filled with an Arabian Princess, a gypsy, cowboy, ballet dancer, Red Riding Hood, a fairy and many other colourful costumes.

In the 1950s a general meeting was held for Kiwitea residents to decide a way forward for their hall, moving it away from having a group of trustees, to it being run by a Kiwitea Hall Club. Improvements to the hall were made with a working bee and a fresh lick of paint and a local Badminton Club began using the hall weekly.

In 1980 the Kiwitea Hall was formally vested in the Kiwitea County Council and it continued to serve its important role to the community - as a place to share. The Manawatu District Council now owns the hall and with a recently formed Kiwitea Hall Committee, maintenance works are currently being carried out.

The Kiwitea Hall has, in recent years, been the location of balls, birthdays, school events and remains an important extension to Kiwitea School’s facilities. The stage is still stomped and the supper room still holds on to a few remnants of its past. As it was over a hundred years ago, the Kiwitea Hall remains a part of our rural community’s identity. A place to connect, to have a yarn, kick up our heels and enjoy being part of a place - together.


The floor area of Kiwitea Hall is 329 square metres and can accommodate a maximum capacity of 200 people. The venue consists of the main hall with stage, supper room, kitchen and female and male toilets. Disabled access is available at this location.

There is limited car parking directly outside of the hall, but there is a sealed car park roughly 50meters up Perry Line outside the school.

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