On Licence

An on licence enables you to sell or supply alcohol for consumption on a premises or conveyance:

  • Premises - bar, pub, tavern, hotel, restaurant or cafe, caterer.
  • Conveyances - bus, boat, plane, train or car.
  • Endorsed - BYO restaurant.

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Off Licence

An off licence enables you to sell, supply or deliver alcohol for consumption off the premises, as well as tastings:

  • Premises - bottle stores, grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • Endorsed - Auctioneer.

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Club Licence

A club licence enables you to sell, supply or serve alcohol for consumption on the premises to club membes, their guests and members of other clubs with reciprocal visiting rights:

  • Club - sport, social and cultural.

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Special Licence

You will need to apply for a special licence if you want to sell or supply alcohol during a specific occasion or event.

Apply for a special licence for any of the following situations:

  • specific event, wine tasting, a party or function on hired premises where alcohol is being sold and supplied.
  • event which includes alcohol being supplied as part of the ticket price.
  • premises - eg hall, licensed premises, party on hired premises, sports events, fundraisers.
  • conveyance - eg bus, train, limo, or train trip.

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If the alcohol is to be consumed at the place it is sold (for example, at a social event) then you should apply for an on-site special licence. If the alcohol is to be sold and taken away for consumption (for example at a food show) then you should apply for an off-site special licence.

Host Responsibility

The Manawatu District Licensing Committee (DLC) requires a Host Responsibility Policy to be submitted with any licence application.

Host responsibility policies are designed to reduce the abuse of alcohol by creating and promoting a safe drinking environment.

The Manawatu District Licensing Committee (DLC) is serious about host responsibility policies.

They are a key factor in Council licensing policies and enforcement inspections.

The basic elements of a host responsibility policy are:

  • Serve alcohol responsibly
  • Provide and promote alternatives, like low and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Provide and promote an appropriate food selection
  • Prevent underage drinking
  • Identify and appropriately deal with intoxication
  • Arrange safe transport options
  • Educate and train staff in host responsibility practices
  • Provision of free water

A Guide to Host Responsibility Policy and Plans


If you hold an alcohol licence you must implement, train and enforce host responsibility policies. Failure to do so is grounds to revoke your licence.

Licensees with extended operating hours, in particular, must satisfy the District Licensing Committee that they have appropriate measures in place to prevent problems with intoxication, unruly behaviour and minors.

Licence Applicants

If you are applying for an alcohol licence - for a premises, conveyance, club or event - you must submit a proposed policy and implementation plan for host responsibility. Proposals are a key factor in deciding to issue a licence.

Manager's Certificate Applicants

If you are applying for a Manager's Certificate, you must demonstrate an understanding and commitment to host responsibility policies.

Objecting to an Alcohol Licence Application

A person can only object to the grant of a licence if that person has a greater interest in the application for the licence than the public generally. You will need to be able to show that you have a greater interest when your lodge your objection.

You would be considered to have a greater interest if you live near the proposed or existing premises, operated a business or organisation close to the premises, or had some other close connection with the proposed premises.

Information on objecting to an alcohol licence can be found below:

Object to an alcohol licence |

An objection must be in writing and filed with the Manawatu District Licensing Committee within 15 working days after the first publication of the public notice of the making of the application.

There is no fee for making an objection.

No objection may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 105 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

If you believe you qualify as having a greater interest then please fill out an objection form here (PDF file, 644.0 KB).